It is time to put the world on notice that all good people of conscience will insist that Hamas keep its promises!

The Hadar Goldin Foundation is a New York based, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization with the mission of raising the consciousness of the public world-wide about the importance of repatriating Hadar Goldin for proper burial in Israel, and to perpetuate the memory of Hadar Goldin through educational and cultural programs that reflect his values and his achievements.

These are the facts:

The murder and kidnapping of Hadar Goldin under cover of an international cease-fire is a flagrant and cynical violation of a UN-brokered and endorsed agreement. It is also an intentional violation of the human rights of Israeli soldiers.

At the same time that Hamas tramples on the basic human rights of Israelis:

  • The families of Gaza are re-building their lives through the generosity of the world community, while Israeli families are prevented from coming to terms with their grief while their sons’ bodies are held for ransom by those who treacherously killed them.
  • Every day, Israel permits thousands of trucks of supplies to enter Gaza, providing food and medical supplies for Gaza’s daily needs and the reconstruction of family houses and public facilities. Israel has already provided millions tons of construction materials and all sorts of supplies to Gaza.

The rebuilding of Gaza is being conducted in the name of international human rights, but there is no reciprocity offered to Israel. The fact remains that Hadar Goldin and his comrades were killed through Hamas’ cynical and intentional violation of an internationally negotiated cease-fire, and they continue to be held captive in violation of basic human rights.

The world must not reward such un-humanitarian misconduct, and it must insist that some minimum gesture of compliance with international norms of behavior precede a re-building of Gaza. That gesture should be the repatriation of the body of Hadar Goldin and of Oron Shaul.

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