Hadar was survived by his parents, Leah and Simha Goldin, as well as by his twin brother, Tzur, his older sister Ayelet, and his older brother Hemi. Hadar also left behind his fiancée, Edna, to whom he had been engaged to be married in a few short weeks.

Since Hadar’s death in August 2014, the entire Goldin family has been deeply engaged in an international effort to mobilize the return of Hadar to Israel for a proper burial.

Hadar’s Father: Simha Goldin

Professor Simha Goldin is Head of Goldstein-Goren Diaspora Research Center in Tel Aviv University and teaches in the Jewish History Department. He is a social historian interested in solving the riddle of the survival of Jewish communities in medieval Germany, northern France and England.

Hadar’s Mother: Leah Goldin

Dr. Leah Goldin received her Ph.D. in Computer Science from the Technion (Haifa, Israel). She serves as CEO of Golden Solutions, an independent consulting firm specializing in system engineering, software engineering, process and quality. She is also a senior lecturer at Afeka College, and she was formerly the Head of the Software Engineering Department at Shenkar College and at the Jerusalem College of Engineering.

Hadar’s twin brother: Tzur Goldin

Lieutenant Res. Tzur Goldin is the twin brother of Hadar . Tzur is a graduate of the science high school “Amit” in Ra’anana and a graduate of the “Bnei David” pre-military yeshiva academy. Tzur was a combat officer in the IDF paratroops special forces. Tzur is presently a student of Law and History in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Hadar’s sister: Ayelet Goldin

Ayelet Goldin served as an Education Officer in the IDF. She and her husband, Eyal, have four children and live in the Golan Heights. Ayelet is the director of overseas educational programs at HaShomer HaChadash organization, which fosters agricultural volunteerism in Israel. Ayelet holds a BA in Communications and International Relations from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and an MA in Israeli Studies from Haifa University. Ayelet is also a certified Israeli tour guide.

Hadar’s brother: Hemi Goldin

Hemi (Menachem) Goldin serves as Communications Officer in the IDF reserves. He and his wife Emmanuelle have one son, Shalev Hadar, and live in Jerusalem, where Hemi works as a lawyer at Kesher, a non-profit organization assisting families with children with special needs. Hemi holds an LLB degree from Bar-Ilan University, with a specialization in medical malpractice.

Hadar’s fiancée: Edna Sarusi

Hadar was engaged to Edna Sarusi, and their wedding was scheduled to take place just one month from the date of his murder. Edna was born and grew up in Ganai Tal in Gush Katif, located close to the area were Hadar was killed and kidnapped in South Rapha-Gaza. Edna works in educating and training young Israelis in preparation for their entry into the IDF. Edna holds a BA in Behavioral Science from Ariel University, and is currently working towards an MA in Educational Counseling at Ben Gurion University.

The Goldin family has experienced the unspeakable pain of not only losing a beloved son in war, but the additional agony of not being able to bury him in the home town in Israel where their son was raised.

The Goldin family has committed themselves to recovering the body of their son and brother, and giving him the decent burial that he deserves in Israel.